SoWebUs provide a complete service to everyone - businesses and individuals alike. We register domain names (and renew when necessary) on behalf of customers (the site name is yours provided you stay within contract terms - we just set it up), design the website, host the site and provide customers with a control panel to update their sites whenever they choose.

With SoWebUs, customers can get on with their work without having to worry about creating a website or having to employ someone to maintain it.

Domain registration

What domain name you choose is completely your choice - you tell us the name that you would like (the default extension we set up is and we check if it is available.


We will then register the name for you. You will be the registered owner and SoWebUs will handle the renewal by being the administrative and technical contact for the domain.




Website design

SoWebUs create your site using state of the art web creation technology -our web designers are highly experienced in web design and development and will create a site totally unique to a customer. We offer various core packages from a simple one page web presence to a large 20 page website.


We can also build websites with any number of pages – just give us a call or email us for a discussion. For an extra fee, any package can have e-commerce functionality added - basically a shop page where you can sell goods or services online - contact us for more information.





We host your website and provide a generous amount of diskspace and bandwidth. Diskspace is the amount of content a site can have whereas bandwidth relates to in essence to the amount of traffic or 'hits' your site can receive each month.


SoWebUs provide 15MB of diskspace and 1000MB (1GB) of bandwidth as standard. You can always upgrade and have more if you need to.




Search Engine Optimisation

We understand that just having a great looking site is not all that is needed to turn on the extra business. Your targeted audience must also be able to FIND you. With Proper SEO, Prominent Linking and social media networking we can reach our client's ultimate goal: attract more people to your website, increase customers for your business, and enhance branding of your company and products. For more details, email us at





Maintenance of website

Once we have built your site and you are online, you can login in and update your site by yourself. Don't worry - updating is very, very easy - if you can browse the internet, you will have no problem. If you need help, contact. For an additional fee, customers can ask us to make updates. This means that SoWebUs will carry out any updates to your site for either a yearly fee or on a per update basis. For more details, email us at